Monday, May 24, 2010

Assad says US has lost Mideast peace influence

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Syrian president tells Italian paper Washington 'has no influence because they don't do anything for peace'

The United States has lost its influence in the Middle East peace process despite the hopes raised by President Barack Obama, Syrian President Bashar Assad
said in an interview published Monday.

Assad was quoted as telling the Italian daily La Repubblica that Washington "has no influence because they don't do anything for peace. But they remain the greatest power."

"Obama raised hopes but we cannot wait any more," he said, adding that a "new era has been born" in the Middle East including an understanding between its major powers that was reshaping the region.

He pointed to a similar phenomenon throughout the world, with countries such as China and Brazil refusing to wait for the United States to "hand out roles."

Assad said there had been a realization that the United States and Europe had failed to resolve the problems of the Middle East,
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