Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama administration revives controversial Bush's Prompt Global Strike scheme

One of the more controversial schemes of the Rumsfeld-era Pentagon was the Prompt Global Strike: equipping ICMSs with conventional warheads, and using the missiles to strike any target around the world -- such as terrorists fleeing the scene of an attack -- within an hour; there was only one problem with the plan: the missile launch could start a Third World War because, as a congressional; study said: "For many minutes during their flight patterns, these missiles might appear to be headed towards targets in [Russia and China}"

The Obama administration is about to take up one of the more controversial schemes of the Rumsfeld-era Pentagon.
Noah Shachtman writes that there is just one problem: the launches could very well start a Third World War.
The reason was simple: these missiles, even if they aim at terrorists, look and fly exactly like the nuclear missiles the United States would launch at Russia or China in the event of Armageddon.
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