Thursday, April 1, 2010

Climate change deal could be two treaties

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Climate change deal could be two treaties

Ed Miliband, Britain's climate change secretary, has spoken of his frustration at the chaotic end to the Copenhagen summit and admitted he had wanted

A United Nations meeting in Copenhagen at the end of last year broke down in
chaos because rich and poor countries could not agree the best way to cut
greenhouse gas emissions.

The main problem was that developing countries wanted an extension of the
Kyoto Protocol, that imposes targets on rich nations, while developed
countries wanted a whole new treaty.

Mr Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said both could be done
at once. He said the UK Government and other countries were willing to sign
up to a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol, as long as poor
nations like China also agree to cut their emissions under a new agreement.

The move is a clear attempt to force the United States and China, the world's
two biggest emitters, to sign up to some sort of legally-binding agreement
to tackle climate change at the next UN meeting in Mexico next year – even
if it means having two separate treaties.

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