Monday, March 1, 2010

Morocco: Christians Arrested

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On Feb. 4, Moroccan military authorities raided a Christian meeting and arrested 18 people. The authorities also confiscated Bibles and personal belongings, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.

“We were surprised by more than 60 Moroccan Gendarmes attacking the house [where we had just started our Bible study],” a VOM contact said. “Eleven believers (including an American), two non-believers and five children… were [held] by the Moroccan government for 14 hours.”

After 14 hours in detention, the American was deported and the others were released. Authorities kept the American’s laptop computer, along with Bibles, books, a laptop, a digital photo camera and a cell phone that belonged to the others arrested.
“It’s the first time in our current Moroccan church history that the Moroccan government used this size of a legion to attack a small Christian meeting,”
was ordered personally by the new Moroccan Justice Minister [Mohamed Naciri]
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