Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Internet piracy taking big toll on jobs

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And so many wonder why the music isn't as good as it used to be. Just imagine, If Artist's don't start getting paid for all that hard work. Why would they want to create more music?
Fact is, If you like the music enough to download it. Pay for it as well. The artist's need to eat too.
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BRUSSELS (Reuters) –
Plenty of people download music from the Internet every day, but illegal downloading has a huge economic impact and could put more than one million people out of work by 2015, experts say.

A study into Internet piracy by a Paris-based consultancy published on Wednesday showed that 1.2 million jobs in the European Union could be lost over the next five years if more is not done to clamp down on illegal downloading.

The study by TERA Consultants for the International Chamber of Commerce focused on piracy in Europe's music, film, television and software industries.


The bulk of illegal downloading targets music, television and video sites, with consumers using "peer-to-peer" formats to download songs and video clips onto their laptops and home computers from websites without paying a fee.

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