Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gore Attaches Global Warming as Cause to Last Weekend's Storm in Northeast

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Follow the rules now and send Al Gore all your money for a hopeless cause. Meanwhile, Rockets, missiles and heavy gunfire go on polluting all over the rest of the World. Ahhhh! but, that don't matter. It's all your fault for driving your car to work.
Former vice president points toward weather events as evidence of climate change during 'strategy conference call' for supporters.

If there’s a drought – it’s global warming. When there’s a hurricane – it’s global warming. If there are heavy snows or even blizzards – it’s somehow global warming. And amazingly, the latest round of rainy and windy weather in the Northeast, well that’s consistent with this phenomenon as well, so says former Vice President Al Gore.

Gore, the self-anointed climate change alarmist-in-chief, told supporters on a March 15 conference call that severe weather in certain regions of the country could be attributed to carbon in the atmosphere – including the recent rash of rainy weather.

Gore’s remarks are consistent with the media view of the issue. Journalists have repeatedly preferred the alarmist view on the climate over any opposition even when the weather is inconveniently different than predicted.

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