Monday, March 8, 2010

Demand rising for weather modification

Demand rising for weather modification

BEIJING: China will step up weather modification in key regions to help relieve drought, the director of the China Meteorological Administration has said.

As drought and hailstorms pose severe threats to rural income and food supply, there is a rising demand for technology to cushion the impact, Zheng Guoguang told China Daily.

Weather modification technology has also been used to ensure clear skies for important events, and will possibly be used for the upcoming Shanghai World Expo.

Modifying weather involves seeding clouds with grains of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) or tiny particles of silver iodide to stimulate rainfall or dissipate the clouds. It is also used to help prevent or control forest fires and ease acute water shortages in some areas, he said.

Demand rising for weather modification

Zheng said he expects weather modification projects will contribute to the country's efforts to increase grain production capacity by 50 million tons annually.

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