Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apathy-America's Greatest Enemy

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Be sure to read all of this article. Our lives and our Country may depend on it.
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I see it all the time now; just close your eyes and it will go away!


Look at what the powers that are leading you are doing!! Or are you asleep?

many people are speaking truth and the majority of readers are just calling it conspiracy theories or are just blowing it off as nothing. This story comes to mind:

Our government is doing all of us wrong in many,many ways and the majority of people just don't care.

The maneuvers that the administration are pulling rate right up there with others such as Stalin, Hitler, and others.

Many people have become "dull" to the important news. There are some who have been trying to open the eyes but I see and hear all the time these people being called "freaks" and "dingbats".

How many of you just said to yourselves " Our military wouldn't do that "?

If you did, you are apathetic.

This is the exact way men like Hitler take over.

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