Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Protest

Seems many are really getting tired of all the junk going here.

Walking downtown just days before the Olympics are scheduled to begin there was quite a buzz around town. While most of the people we encountered were there to enjoy the Olympic atmosphere, some were there with a different agenda.

They condemned the execution by hanging of two people in connection with the unrest that erupted in the wake of the disputed presidential vote in June last year. Nine more are scheduled to hang.

According to the Tehren Times: Marjan Kalhor will be the first ever Iranian woman athlete who is to take part in the Winter Olympics. Iran will participate in the prestigious 21st Winter Olympics with three men and one woman athlete. This is a good opportunity for the protesters to reach a global audience.

Do you think it's acceptable for people to be killed for opposing the government? How can you help?

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