Sunday, February 21, 2010

U2 Guitarists Malibu Development is Just Not Green Enough
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I think this is funny “environmentalist vs. environmentalist”

The house that the U2 guitarist longs to build here would have a copper roof, fashioned to resemble fluttering leaves. Boulders that dot the property would be left in place and assigned charming names like Dinosaur Vertebrae and Cistern. The dirt dug up to build would be reused, when possible.

Protesters have demonstrated outside the Department of Finance against U2’s decision to move their tax affairs to the Netherlands to avoid paying tax on their royalties in Ireland.

The Edge (who’s real name is David Evans) and a Irish Developer purchased the 156 acres in Malibu for $9 million in 2006 and they are planning to build 5 homes on the property. However, a vast array of green factions are opposed to the development.

It seems The Edge and U2’s public advocacy for environmentalism is coming back to haunt him.

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