Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Obama Backs Down After Anti-Vegas Remarks

Obama Backs Down After Anti-Vegas Remarks

The president’s insistence that “you don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas” during a speech in N.H. quickly sparked a flurry of reaction from federal, state and local lawmakers in the Silver State.

After sparking a firestorm of criticism from Nevada’s elected officials for suggesting that people saving money for college shouldn’t blow it in Las Vegas, Obama told U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a letter that he wasn’t saying anything negative about Las Vegas.

It was the second time since taking office that Obama singled out Las Vegas as a potential example of spending excessively.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said during a hastily called news conference that Obama is no friend to Las Vegas and would not be welcomed here if he visits.

They love him in Vegas, I thought this guy was smart, the more he talks the dumber he sounds…….
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