Thursday, February 4, 2010

US Intelligence Officials Warn of Persistent Threat from al-Qaida

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair speaks with a group of reporters during a media roundtable, 26 Mar 2009, in McLean, Va.
America’s top intelligence officials have delivered a sobering assessment to Congress, saying that the al-Qaida terrorist network remains a persistent threat to the United States because its followers have been able to adapt their methods to make detection difficult.

“We have been warning in the past several years that al-Qaida itself, and its affiliates and al-Qaida-inspired terrorists remain committed to striking the United States.  And in the past year, we have some names that go behind these warnings,” he said.

Blair warned that the threat of violent extremism is constantly evolving.

“We have made complex, multi-team attacks very difficult for al-Qaida to pull off,” he said.  “But as we saw with the recent rash of attacks last year, both successful and unsuccessful, identifying individual terrorists, small groups with short histories, using simple attack methods, is a much more difficult task,” said Blair.
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