Sunday, February 28, 2010

The curious disappearance of Lachlan Cranswick

The curious disappearance of Lachlan Cranswick

26 February 2010: Lachlan CRANSWICK, a 41 year-old nuclear scientist working in Ontario vanished last month without a trace. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are indeed curious and the case merits more than a casual mention, especially in light of numerous other instances of nuclear scientists and microbiologists turning up missing or dead within the last few years, many under mysterious circumstances.

On Monday, January 18, CRANSWICK, who works at the Chalk River Laboratories nuclear facility in Ottawa where he runs experiments for the National Research Council, just completed work for an overseas researcher. He reportedly left his report of findings on his desk to be mailed later, and boarded a bus from the nuclear facility to his home in Deep River, Ontario at 4:30 pm on that day.

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