Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ahmadinejad's supporters attack Western embassies

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Hundreds of students protest Western 'interference' in Iranian internal affairs in Tehran, call 'death to' Britain, France and throw eggs, tomatoes at embassies. Italian FM: Protesters are Besij militia members

While the West continued to criticize Iran
for its decision
to enrich uranium Tuesday, supporters of the Ayatollah regime took to the streets to protest before Western embassies.

The demonstrators threw objects at the embassies in Tehran and shouted slogans against Western leaders. Italy claimed that the demonstrators were not regular citizens, but people associated with the regime.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
added his voice to the condemnations.
"Iran is pushing forwards with its nuclear arming race while slighting the wishes of the international community which needs to protect peace and impose sanctions on Iran," he said Tuesday while addressing ambassadors of European Union countries.

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