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The winds of war are blowing in the Middle East Ottoman Empire to Rise Again?

Foreign trips by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as Prime...Image via WikipediaAs the news continues about the Middle East. Being free from the dictators and fighting for freedom. I don't think people in America understand that its not the same type of Freedom that we have. This all goes way back to the ruling of Islam. Sure, is it a good thing they are free from that now? They only freed themselves from the Dictators not the Book of the Laws and what is required of them.
Remember the Ottoman Empire? This generation most likely don't. After all it was what began World War 1. As the Islamic World is rejoining themselves together. Many are so happy about all this. Finally Peace to come to the entire World?
The hardcore facts about all this is No! What the news don't like to talk about these days simply because they claim it's not politically correct is the Word Jihad! In other Words Holy War. The goal is simple. In order to usher in their next World Dictator. Or what they call Imam or messiah. The must first create the most bloodiest war mankind has ever seen. Not just in one or 2 countries but World Wide.
Don't take my words for it. Just read the Koran. Their Quaran is their book of Law. It don't matter who leads them. But the must obey that one book. The violence within what comes next should really be all over the news. But, again this is all not politically correct. The more I watch how we continue to support all this. The more I tend to see what the Prophets warned us about in the Bible.
Anyone remember Armageddon? Gog of Magog? These end times wars are set up through these exact countries doing exactly what they are doing now. Yet, I'm not so sure this generation has ever really been taught about all this, Has America actually been dumbed down so much that they cannot see what's right in front of their faces?
Those who know, see this. Those who don't? I'm just don't think they really don't care or want to know.
Thanks to the charismatic, talented, anti-Semitic and megalomaniacal Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is attempting to return to its heyday, 93 years after it was kicked out of the Middle East. The Jews are its first step, but others await.

Dan Margalit

Prime Minister Erdogan and senior Turkish government officials view a military parade.
Photo credit: AP

The author Herman Wouk, 96, will not be writing a sequel to "The Winds of War" but the winds of war are blowing in the Middle East -- most recently thanks to the charismatic, talented, anti-Semitic and megalomaniacal Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is true that Israel should have agreed to the lukewarm apology Turkey demanded in exchange for Geoffrey Palmer’s report justifying the siege on Gaza. However, that step would only have slowed down, not prevented, the deterioration of Israel’s relations with Turkey.
Ankara is attempting to return to the spotlight and return to its heyday, 93 years after it was kicked out of the Middle East. The Jews are easy prey. But Erdogan also has his sights set on Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia. They are all his, and have belonged to Turkey since the Ottoman Era.
Leaders like this emerge during periods of global economic crisis, with mass unemployment and historical imitation serving as a backdrop. Erdogan’s role model is Hayreddin Pasha Barbarossa (“Red Beard”), an admiral who controlled the Mediterranean Sea during the 16th century.
This requires Israel, before Europe and America and its neighbors in the Middle East, to prepare to defend itself according to the rule defined by its sages: “When chaos comes into the world, Jacob is the first to feel it.” Even if there is no violent confrontation, there will be no way to prevent a painful economic conflict.

Somali Convert to Christianity Kidnapped, Beheaded

A kidnapped Christian convert from Islam was found decapitated on Sept. 2 on the outskirts of Hudur City in Bakool region, in southwestern Somalia.

Juma Nuradin Kamil was forced into a car by three suspected Islamic extremists from the al Shabaab terrorist group on Aug. 21, area sources said. After members of his community thoroughly combed the area looking for him, at 2 p.m. on Sept. 2 one of them found Kamil’s body dumped on a street.
The kidnapping and subsequent manner of murder suggests that al Shabaab militants had been monitoring him, Christian leaders said. Muslim extremists from al Shabaab, a militant group with ties to al Qaeda, have vowed to rid Somalia of Christianity, and they control the area some 400 kilometers from Mogadishu.
A Christian who saw Kamil’s body said it bore the marks of an al Shabaab killing, according to a leader in Somalia’s underground church who lives in another city.
“It is usual for the al Shabaab to decapitate those they suspect to have embraced the Christian faith, or sympathizers of western ideals,” the leader said. “Our brother accepted the Christian faith three years ago and was determined in his faith in God. We greatly miss him.”

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