Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rebels, looters target Gadhafi family homes

EGYPT-LIBYA BORDER, LIBYA - FEBRUARY 24:  A Li...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeAs I look at how this part of our new history is going down. I can't help but to wonder. The New World Government is able to take all the Kings money and make it to where he has none. This leaves me to wonder even more. What about the general public. Is what we make even ours anymore? If we decide we don't like or want to do what the New World Government wants us to do. Are they in the future going to shut off all of our funds and take it all as well.
That is a mob type of mentality isn't it? What gets me is so many are calling the people of the Tea Party Mobs? The ones that believes what we make is ours. I must say we are truly living in a very backwards world right now.
TRIPOLI, Libya — Moammar Gadhafi's son al-Saadi liked fast cars, yachts and soccer, and his beachfront villa was stocked with his expensive toys. His sister Aisha lived in a two-story mansion with an indoor pool and sauna.
As rebels took control of the Libyan capital over the weekend, the luxurious homes — symbols of the Gadhafi family's excesses — were among their first targets. After driving out the guards, rebels trashed and looted the villas and neighbors wandered through the wreckage Wednesday expressing their anger at the Gadhafi family's wealth and ostentatious tastes.
"I can't even believe what I am seeing," said Muftah Shubri, a resident of Tripoli's western Nofleen neighborhood, as he walked across Aisha's lawn to the large covered pool where a ball and a small rubber boat still floated in the water.
Gadhafi's 42-year rule over Libya had increasingly become a family business, with the dictator divvying up key spheres of interest, from oil to security, among his six sons.
In recent years, the Gadhafi offspring had been involved in a series of scandals: Hannibal got arrested in 2008 in Switzerland for mistreating his servants in a Geneva luxury hotel and Muatassim reportedly paid $1 million for a private New Year's concert by Beyonce.
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