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Obama Amnesty Begins: Halts Deportations for 300,000 Illegal Aliens; Offers ‘Work Permits. And a Blue Card.

The front of a Spanish national identity cardImage via WikipediaThe Dream Act Includes this Blue Card. What is it?

The AgJobs bill would help persons who have worked and plan to continue to work in agriculture in this country. The basic requirement is that the applicant must have worked at least 863 hours or 150 work days in agriculture during the two years proceeding December 31, 2008. (This date may change when the law is finally passed.) Persons who successfully qualify would be given a “blue card,’ the equivalent of conditional residence under the Dream Act. Persons would have permission to work in the U.S. with a ‘Blue Card” and can leave the country for short periods of time and return legally.

First read the article. I will post more on the Blue card which NOBODY seems to want to talk about.

by John Hill
Stand With Arizona
The Obama Administration today announced a virtual amnesty-by-decree for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, whose deportations will be “indefinitely delayed”. In addition, Obama finally announced a jobs program – but for ILLEGAL ALIENS, not citizens – as those 300,000 illegals will also become eligible for “work permits“.
This action represents an administrative end-run around Congress, which twice rejected the ‘DREAM Act’ in 2010. As disgraceful as is this usurpation of Congressional authority, this announcement is even worse than is being reported.
Our analysis reveals that – despite media focus of this action limited to so-called “Dreamer” illegal students, this new policy, coupled with the criteria established by the June 2011 “Morton Memos” which set up a joint “DHS and DOJ working group” could expand this “indefinite delay” of deportation to potentially MILLIONS of illegals – creating a new, massive amnesty entirely by fiat, bypassing Congress.
From the AP:
The Obama administration said Thursday it will indefinitely delay deporting many illegal immigrants who don’t have criminal records and will offer them a chance to apply for a work permit. The government will focus on sending back convicted criminals and those who might be a national security or public safety threat.
The policy change will mean a case-by-case review of approximately 300,000 illegal immigrants facing possible deportation in federal immigration courts, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.
This  is clearly what Sen. Dick Durbin was hinting at with his recent statement that there would be “good news” coming soon regarding deportations of “undocumented students”.
This announcement puts into writing what the Administration had already begun to put into practice, after the infamous “ICE Memos” issued by ICE head John Morton in June, in which Morton spells out which illegals would now receive “particular care and consideration” — e.g., amnesty – essentially “Dreamers”, but potentially millions more.
Under the new process, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) “working group” will develop specific criteria to identify “low-priority removal cases” that should be considered for prosecutorial discretion.  These criteria will be based on “positive factors” from the Morton Memo (PDF), which include

 Now About the Biometric Blue Card.

In Phase 1, eligible applicants, including individuals on Temporary Protected Status and other statuses designated by the Secretary, will be registered, fingerprinted, screened, and considered for an interim “Lawful Prospective Immigrant” (LPI) status that allows them to work and to travel outside of the United States. In Phase 2, which will take place in eight years after current visa backlogs have cleared (often referred to as the “back of the line” provision), LPIs who have fulfilled all additional statutory requirements will be permitted to petition for adjustment to Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status... ...Speedy checks of biographic and biometric information against law enforcement databases will help ensure that only those applicants who qualify are granted authorization to remain. Providing eligible applicants with a secure, tamper-resistant credential will enhance border security and interior enforcement by allowing law enforcement to more readily identify and remove convicted criminals; national security and public safety risks; individuals who do not comply with the requirement to register; and other ineligible applicants... ...Specifically, to be eligible for initial registration for the legalization program and interim status as an LPI, each individual must: (1) complete an application supplying basic biographic and biometric information; (2) pass terrorism, criminal history, and other security checks; (3) pay all applicable fees, civil penalties, and taxes; and (4) have been continuously present in the United States since the date of enactment...

Biometric RFID Blue Card otherwise known as National ID or Real ID. 

Back in 2010 Ron Paul was out there fighting this very thing.

More on this coming soon.
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