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Google Me on the Web online reputation tool

Facebook logoImage via WikipediaBe sure to see the rest of this article at the link below,, I'm find this technology going way beyond the boundaries more and more each day. Facebook has gotten to be the worse. I will have more on this information coming very soon. For those worried about Facebook, you should be. Also note you cannot just delete your account with them either. I will post a way to do it. but note. You will still always be in there database. Can't say Google is much better but it does seems like they are trying to work something out with all this. At this time its still hard to say what that is..
May God help us.
As the Internet and social networking have evolved, many people are concerned about what search engines and tools churn up when people search for their names or other information online. If you’re applying to a university or for a job, a photo of you setting fire to a police car in downtown Vancouver is probably the last thing you want people to see. Or maybe Facebook’s automatic face detection system “accidentally” identifies you amid a crowd of drunken revelers they day before you apply for a business loan. Online reputation management isn’t just about being in control of what you post about yourself, but knowing about (and responding to) what others post about you. Savvy Internet users have “egosurfed” for years by conducting searches on their own personal information, and many set up automated searches and alerts to send them notices if their names or other details appear in new places on the Web.

Now, Google is taking a small step to bring those tools to the masses with “Me on the Web,” a new component of Google Dashboard that enables users to monitor details of their identity on the Web and get informed when new things pop up. Me on the Web enables users to set up Google Alerts for their names, email address, and other personal data that appears on the Web, social networking services, or news stories. Google is also linking to information and resources about trying to control third-party information about you.

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