Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toddler Missing After Oklahoma Tornado, More Twisters Bear Down on Midwest

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Searchers hunted desperately for a 3-year-old boy in the wreckage of an Oklahoma tornado today as forecasters warned of yet another wave of severe weather that could trigger even more twisters for the hard hit region.
Fresh tornado strikes are predicted this afternoon and evening in portions of the mid-Mississippi and lower Ohio valleys.

Conditions will be ripe for the formation of long-track, violent tornadoes in those areas, possibly bringing further devastation to the area, the National Weather Service said.
The death toll from the latest storms in Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas rose to 14 today, while the National Weather Service reports that a tornado has "destroyed the full town" of Denning, Ark. Three people died in the hamlet whose population is approximately 270.
Ryan Hamil, a 3-year-old boy from hard-hit Piedmont, Okla., is unaccounted for as survivors dig through rubble caused by a tornado Tuesday evening. A dog team is looking for the toddler at his last known location on 248th Street and Sara Road in Piedmont.
Mayor Valerie Thomerson told ABC News Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO that the boy's home was destroyed and his mother and siblings were injured when a powerful tornado touched down Tuesday night. As many as 200 homes were damaged in the town of 3,650 people.
In Louisburg, Kan., Dan Goff was heading to pick up his daughter from school when his Ford pickup truck, which can weigh up to two tons, was tossed into the air like a matchcar.
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"I noticed that the rain and the clouds above me were moving really fast. No rotation or anything that I saw. But then I started seeing debris, so I started slowing down. Next thing I knew, I was being toppled in the truck," Goff said told ABC News Kansas City affiliate KMBC. "I didn't even have time to really be scared."
The tornado held him and his truck in the air for five to ten seconds before slamming it back down to earth. Goff escaped virtually unharmed.
Rescue workers in Joplin continued the search for survivors in the rubble left by Sunday's massive EF-5 tornado that has left at least 124 in the city dead and leveled at least 30 percent of the town of approximately 50,000.
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