Thursday, April 7, 2011

Politics and the shutdown. - Tea Party Nation
They have put ideology above the needs of the country.  That sounds like a sound bite that would come from Harry Reid and the Democrats.  That is the line that the drive by media is pushing.

They have put ideology and politics above the needs of the country.  But it is the Democrats who are doing this.

A short time ago, Obama announced he would veto any short term spending bill.  The GOP had proposed one that would cut $12 billion in spending, allow them a week to wrap up the budget the Democratically controlled House and Senate of last year did not pass and fund the military for the rest of the year, so if there was a shutdown, the men and women of the armed forces, going in harm’s way, would not have to worry about their paychecks.

Obama showed his true colors and threatened to veto the bill. 

The central issue on the budget, for the Democrats, is preserving funding for democrat constituencies.  The first and foremost is Planned Parenthood. 

The abortion industry is a multibillion-dollar industry and it gives overwhelmingly to the party of treason.  No one in their right mind thinks that the federal government should fund Planned Parenthood.  Except, of course, liberal democrats who believe the federal budget is their own private slush fund to reward those who contribute to the party.

In any other setting, this would be considered bribery.

The lunatic fringe, lead by Chuck Schumer, (Marxist-NY) has been out there saying, “The Tea Party is the problem.”  No, Chuck, you are the problem.   Politicians like Chuck Schumer want to drive this country off of an economic cliff.  If they wreck the economy, then they can remake the country in the manner they see fit. 

Of course, someone needs to tell Chuck that his beloved former Soviet Union was a disaster and there was a reason why the Russian people voted with their feet and sent it, along with the other socialist countries, into the ash heap of history.

Donald Trump recently said, “The country is going to hell.”  He got it right.  We have incompetent fools like Schumer, Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in Washington.  They could not even run a lemonade stand.  They have no place running this country. 

The shut down is coming and we need to get our message out to the American people.  This shut down is caused because the previous congress did not do its job.  This shut down is caused because Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the party of treason want a wrecked economy.   This shut down is caused because Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the party of treason will not listen to the American people, who spoke loudly and clearly last year that we wanted spending cut.   They will not listen when the American people said they wanted freedom not socialism.

They do not hear us now, but soon they will.  Soon they will hear from all of us as we put them out of office next year!
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