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Ariz. students refusing pledge, sub claims in letter to lawmaker | National news | - Houston Chronicle

Riot DifferentImage by djwudi via FlickrOK, here's what gets me. As Americans, We love America or at least we should. This isn't Mexico. Yet, I cannot count how many times throughout my entire life that I have heard these same exact comments from so many who are here illegally. Yet, to top it off. Even more from those who do love the gangsta life.

Don't get me wrong here. Not all from Mexico believe this junk. Many do just want to be able to work here, make money so they can send money back home for their families. I know many more that only work here for a few months to be able to build thier homes back home in Mexico. Work here, then take a long vacation back home in a nice house. I understand.

Yet, I know even more that actually want to live here become American, so much so that they even do their best to learn the American language, going to schools, working hard to provide for their families here.
And Then? You have several Thousand more coming in daily with the Viva La Rasa attitude like this article below. I have seen so many Americans Totally ignore this for most of my life.

For those of you who don't know what Viva La Rasa is. It means Power to the Race. Or many will claim Long Live our Race. This is just what means. This is where most of the Gangs come from believing that one day America will be Mexico. It is a war driven Racist attitude towards anyone who is American, This includes steeling ID's, Cars, ripping off homes, rape, drug traffic of all kinds, Child abduction, and you guessed it. Guns, and a whole lot of them, sold from the trunks of cars, vans and street corners.

It's the unheard part of illegal immigration. That the So Called news of America seem to have ignored for ever since I can remember.

This isn't anything new. Where ever this teacher heard this. I have to say. I'm with him on this. He is right. It's about time somebody out there is talking about it. Viva La Rasa isn't a joke. As I live in AZ. I have seen more an more of these same exact attitude from so many school kids lately. It should be Number 1 on not only the parents minds but every school here as well.

It's not hard to see which ones are the wanna be gang members out there people. Just as much as it's not hard to see those who are in there actually trying their hardest to become American. and be a part of our Awesome Nation. Politics need to stop playing the Race game with issues that in the future will become a major problem. There is good and bad in every race, and color and Nation.
People need to wake up stop pointing at the races and start paying more attention to the wanna bee's out there trying hurt even more people. Just like this teacher tried to do.
PHOENIX — An Arizona substitute teacher has found himself in the middle of the state's polarizing immigration debate after he criticized Hispanic students in a letter to a state senator, saying a majority of students he recently taught refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
The letter by substitute teacher Tony Hill was read aloud Thursday as the state Senate considered one of five bills on illegal immigration. Hill wrote that a majority of eight-grade students at an unnamed suburban Glendale school said that "We are Mexicans and Americans stole our land."
Hill also wrote that while substitute teaching in the area, "most of the Hispanic students do not want to be educated but rather (want to) be gang members and gangsters."
Democratic lawmakers have questioned the veracity of the letter, which was addressed to Senate President Russell Pearce and was circulated among Republican senators. Democrats called the writing offensive and questioned whether Hill was actually a substitute teacher.
"Until he is able to come out and tell us exactly where he taught, I am assuming it is false," said Democratic Sen. Steve Gallardo of Phoenix, who is mentioned in Hill's letter.
Officials with five regular public school districts that serve the Glendale area near Phoenix told The Associated Press that they had no record of an Anthony Hill or a Tony Hill working as a substitute teacher there in recent years. It's not known whether Hill taught at charter schools. Arizona Department of Education spokesman Andrew LeFevre said Hill received his substitute teacher certificate from the state on Oct. 14.
Hill didn't immediately return several phone calls and emails from the AP on Tuesday.
Hill also wrote in the letter that the students' regular teacher left instructions for students to finish writing Gallardo to thank him for his position on immigrant rights. The letter also said most of the students mentioned in their letters to Gallardo that they were illegal immigrants and that white Americans were racists.
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