Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Israel Warns It Might Act on Iranian Warships Passing Through Suez Canal

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Israel is monitoring two Iranian warships about to pass through the Suez Canal for Syria and warn they might act.
The Israeli Navy will be tracking the two warships as they cross the Suez Canal for the Mediterranean Sea, according to defense officials.
Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a statement that it had alerted "friendly nations" about the warships, Reuters reports.
Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says that "Israel cannot ignore these provocations," according to
"Unfortunately, the international community is not ready to deal with Iran's repeated provocations," Lieberman said, according to the Jerusalem Post.
Lieberman added that the warships were "a provocation that proves Iran's nerve and self-esteem is growing from day to day."
Iranian ships pass through Suez Canal, Israel brands move 'a provocation'
To take advantage of all the features on FRANCE24.COM, please click here to download the latest version of Flash Player.Two Iranian naval ships passed through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean sea on a training mission Tuesday, a move Israel has branded "a provocation". The two ships are reportedly bound for Syria, bringing them close to Israeli waters.
By Shirli SITBON (video)
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AFP - Two Iranian naval ships crossed the Suez Canal on Tuesday into the Mediterranean sea for the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution on a training mission that Israel calls a provocation.
"They are now in Mediterranean waters," a canal official said.
The patrol frigate Alvand and support ship Kharg are reportedly bound for Syria, a destination that would take them near Israeli waters.
The 1,500-tonne Alvand is normally armed with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles, while the larger 33,000-tonne Kharg has a crew of 250 and facilities for up to three helicopters, Iran's official Fars news agency has said.
Both ships were built in Britain during the 1970s for Iran, which ordered them before the Islamic revolution.

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