Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mass devastation Cyclone Yasi hits Australia - Weather

The destructive core of one of the most powerful cyclones in Australia's history battered its northeastern coast early Thursday, wrenching roofs off buildings and cutting power to tens of thousands of homes.
The eye of Cyclone Yasi was passing over the town of Tully after coming ashore at Mission Beach in northern Queensland.
Local official Ross Sorbello told The Sydney Morning Herald that the storm tore the roof off his mother's home in Tully, where he rode out the storm.
"We are talking about a pretty strong brick house that was built in the 70s, so God help us in the morning when we look at some of the older places," he told the newspaper.
"It is just a scene of mass devastation," he added.

Other witnesses reported seeing roofs ripped off buildings and trees flattened in the area, and officials said power had been cut to at least 90,000 homes.
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