Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Comcast wins government approval to take over NBC - The Globe and Mail

Here we go, Those of you that don't know about net neutrality. It's all about Governments control over the media powerhouses and a way for those powerhouses to charge extra for being able to see certain things on the net. I have noticed many people really don't know much about this. I suggest if you have the time to check it out.
Today we find Comcast, just one of those powerhouses bought out NBC. Not that they aren't part of that media outrage already. But, now Government, FCC and Comcast will now have full control over any Freedom of Speech spoken of on this station and outlets even more. Check out the article below.
Government regulators on Tuesday gave Comcast Corp. (CMCSA-Q23.030.251.10%), the country's largest cable company, clearance to take over NBC Universal in a deal that is certain to transform the entertainment industry landscape.
Comcast is buying a 51 per cent stake in NBC Universal, home of the NBC television network, from General Electric Co. (GE-N18.27-0.33-1.77%) for $13.8-billion (U.S.) in cash and assets.

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The Justice Department and five state attorneys general said Tuesday that they have reached a court settlement allowing the companies to proceed with their combination, subject to conditions intended to preserve competition among TV providers.
In addition, the five-member Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday voted 4-1 to approve the transaction, subject to similar but broader conditions.
Among other things, regulators are requiring Comcast to make NBC programming available to competitors such as satellite companies, as well as new Internet video services that could pose a threat to the company's core cable business.
Government officials want to ensure that online video services from companies such as Netflix Inc., Inc. and Apple Inc. can get the movies and TV shows they need to grow — and potentially offer a cheaper alternative to monthly cable subscriptions. Still, the conditions did not go far enough for Michael Copps, one of the three Democrats on the FCC and a vocal critic of media consolidation. Copps voted against the deal, warning that it “confers too much power in one company's hands.”

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