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WikiLeaks: Syria gave Hizbullah Scud-D missiles - Worthy News

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Clinton asks Arab and Western nations to help stop Syria from continuing to transfer ballistic missiles, weapons to Hizbullah.
The US lodged a complaint against Syria for providing "advanced ballistic missiles and other weaponry" to Hizbullah, shortly after Syrian President Bashar Assad denied doing so, according to documents released by WikiLeaks on Tuesday.

"We are concerned about Syria's provision of increasingly sophisticated weapons to Hizbullah," US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton wrote in a February 2010 diplomatic cable classified as "secret."

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"In our meetings last week it was stated that Syria is not transferring any 'new' missiles to Lebanese Hizbullah," Clinton wrote. Assad also said that "Syria could not be Israel's policeman."

In that meeting, the US expressed concern that Hizbullah had been given Fateh-110 missiles, which can reach Tel Aviv. A US government official told The New York Times last week that these missiles are highly accurate and especially threatening.

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"We are aware, however, of current Syrian efforts to supply Hizbullah with ballistic missiles," Clinton explained. These missiles include Scud-D missiles, based on North Korean technology. "I must stress that...we strongly caution [Syria] against such a serious escalation."
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