Monday, December 6, 2010

Mother sentenced to die for Blasphemy? Pakistan

Whether or not this mother did happen to say anything about a guy Mohammad or not. I seriously think people go way to far at their reasons for trying to start yet more war.

I Thank My God in Heaven for the Freedom of speech we have here in the United States. To be put to death over saying something about a dead man is beyond my way of thinking. Even though they think he was some kind of Prophet. The fact still remains.

Can you imagine if Christians put to death every person that ever talked bad about Jesus Christ? There would be nobody left on the planet.
The difference between the 2 is that Jesus is still alive and not dead. Among so much more like Jesus is about Peace, and Hope, Love. Mohammad was about war, murder and death, unless you did everything his way.

But either way. This woman and so many others out there who wish not to worship a dead man should never have to be punished like this. When is the World going to wake up to this reality and stop trying to tell us its about peace.

Yet they claim its even more reason to start WAR? See For yourself.

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