Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday Night Quick Hits: T-Shirt Printed With 4th Amendment In Metallic Ink Edition |

The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments t...Image via WikipediaMany great links on this edition of Be sure to check out the link below for more.

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Brilliant idea:
They won’t find anything except for a challenge to their unwarranted searches.
The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, meant to prevent unwarranted search and seizure, is readable on TSA body scanners.
I wish I thought of this one.
Obamanomics Continues to Fail: Unemployment “Unexpectedly” Jumps to 9.8% for November, Obama’s Approval Index Is at Minus 18 (video)
Tax cuts cost money? Huh?
It’s the same idiocy logic that is used with unemployment benefits. The left claims that those who receive benefits will spend it and thus boost the economy. Yes and no. Yes, of course they will spend it, they need it just to get by. No, it provides no boost to the economy. Impossible. It’s not new wealth being injected into the economy. These are just transfer payments moving tax revenues from one group of taxpayers to another. They are merely returning the money they received back into the economy. In fact it’s worse than that because we had to increase the debt to provide the benefits. There is no money left, so we had to sell debt to pay for it which must be paid back with interest so the net effect is a loss. Unemployment benefits are welfare pure and simple. We can debate the merits of them, but call them what they are.
Guess Who’s Paying For The Greece Bailout?…. Let me guess…
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