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Glenn Beck Part 1 - 3 The Beast George Soros 11/10/2010

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Glenn Beck Part 1 - The Beast George Soros 11/10/2010
What I find very interesting is that so many people have such a hard time with Glenn Beck. Though I can't say I totally agree with some of the things he does. I do however love the easy way he is able to explain things so the average person can understand it all.
Most People hate history. They say its boring, or who cares about all those dead people. We need to live for the future. The problem with this way of thinking is the same thing these same people tell everyone. Well? History repeats itself.
Now, you would think that these people would take a look at History to try to change it from repeating itself. But, the more I talk to people from all over. This really isn't the case. Most people would rather sit back and do nothing and let it repeat itself. They would rather lay down and die thninking there is nothing that can be done about it. More on this later but first I want you to check out these videos. About George Soros, and his plans for Global Socialized Society and Big Government to control the masses.
Think its about Fear Mongoring? If you do. You may want to take the time and shut up and listen. Why because you who say that are the problem. Again, more on that later. Pay attention and learn something about History.

I will be adding the rest of this as it comes along.
We all have a choice to make. We can either sit back do noting and let Historical Tyrants continue to make History repeat itself. Or we can stand up and stop it.
If you really think Big Government is a great idea. I have to say your a fool. Remember Rome? Remember the Ottoman Empire? Or the Persian Empire? Babylon? France? Germany? How about all of History?
Glenn just barely took on example. But, this is the same junk and population control Big Governments have done throughout ALL of History. Until, America came into effect. We now have a choice. We The People, not Government have a choice to make.
Where do you stand?
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