Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PLO Flag to Fly in Washington, D.C.

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If we haven't had enough problems in America it seems this administration just keeps on adding to the problems instead of trying to solve them.
Raising foreign flags from other countries is one thing. But now flying a flag of a Country that really does not have any support for America on American Soil? I find this to be very sad indeed.
The United States State Department has announced to the Palestinian Authority/Palestinian Liberation Organization Mission representative in the United States that its status will be upgraded from a 'bureau' to that of a "general delegation' and that this change will allow the office in which the representation is situated to fly the PLO, now also the Palestine Authority, flag at its entrance.
In addition, the upgrading grants certan privileges to the delegation staff, such as diplomatic immunity, although it is not equal to embassy status.
The PLO's chief representative in the United States, Maen Areikat, said that this step makes the PLO's status in the United States equivalent to its status in Canada and many western European countries.
Israel Radio reported that sources in Prime Minister Netanyahu's office said that the Prime Minister knew of the planned step and did not object to it.
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