Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pipeline repaired as China works to contain spill

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While so many are concerned about the Gulf. I often wonder if anyone has heard about China's Oil Spill. The Oil spills seem to be a growing trend lately.
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BEIJING—China National Petroleum Corp. said Thursday a vital pipeline has resumed operations after an explosion caused the country's largest reported oil spill.
Cleanup efforts—marred by the drowning death of a worker, his body coated in crude—continued over 165 square mile (430 square kilometer) stretch of water blanketed in thick, dark oil Thursday, after an official warned the spill posed a severe threat to sea life and water quality. The slick emptied beaches as its size doubled Wednesday.
China Central Television earlier reported an estimate of 1,500 tons of oil has spilled. That would amount roughly to 400,000 gallons (1,500,000 liters)—as compared with 94 million to 184 million gallons in the BP oil spill off the U.S. coast.
But 40 oil-skimming boats and about 800 fishing boats were also deployed to clean up the spill, and Xinhua said more than 9 miles (15 kilometers) of oil barriers had been set up to keep the slick from spreading.
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