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Oil Spill, The dangers, and the potential

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    • As I was skimming through this article earlier. I really found myself very interested in what the write had to say here.
      We hear about the Oil Spill, The dangers, and the potential of how this can be one of the worst disasters in history. But, do you know the rest of it?
      People tend to focus on one thing rather than look around and see more.
      I'm going to highlight some of the PDF file here. But, I would like to encourage you all to read the whole thing.
      Many tend to focus on Fear. Not sure why, maybe they, themselves are scared or just don't want to deal with reality. They don't want to believe that this planet actually has and Evil presence running around it. In turn they also don't want to believe that there is actually a REAL GOD, that warned all about this stuff.
      But, I leave that for you to decide.
      Take a good look at the PDF and take some time to read it. If you can.



    • Abiotic Oil
      Most of us believe that oil is the remains of dead dinosaurs and vegetation that somehow
      went from being organic to the mineral state over thousands of years under pressure in their
      grave yards.
      However, you have been wondering how many dinosaurs per second are coming out of the
      Gulf Gusher right now? How many were buried in what is now known to be such an immense
      oil field that 4000 rigs are doing their best to pump it out, make gasoline and make money?

    • Picture Oil near Gulf   State Pier Photo

    • Seems like that belief is due for a revamp don't you think? Yes indeed, and you're not the first
      to think so. Writing in National Review in 2004 Bruce Bartlett pointed out that " in the 1950s,

    • Russian and Ukrainian scientists developed a new theory about petroleum's origins called the
      abiotic or abiogenic theory. According to this view, oil is fundamentally inorganic and has no
      relationship to dead plant or animal life. Rather, oil originates deep in the Earth's crust from
      inorganic material that is part of the planet's origin."

    • Picture Horn Island Photo

    • "Perhaps that's how the earth has been handling our addicted oil-sucking society, putting up
      with our habit of behaving like blood thirsty mosquitoes, drilling into her body wherever there
      is a hint of what we need for a fix. She has put up with us so far, because she has been able
      to self-replenish her bloodstream. However, unlike addicts who inject their drug of choice into
      their bodies, we use our hypodermics (drilling rigs) to dig a well so we can hit a vein and suck
      out that black fluid that we have become so totally dependent on....we're just a bunch of
      mother suckers...
      "Unfortunately, this
      time we really bleeped
      up...or at least, that
      British corporation from
      across the pond
      bleeped up so badly
      that not even Dick
      Cheney is willing to
      give them a free pass
      any more.
      "This is truly
      But wait..there's
      more...and worse.
      Think - BP.
      Think "Big Oil."
      Think - and this'll surprise you - think "you and me."
      "Now think about mosquitoes. Mosquitoes don't think too far ahead. They fill their little bodies
      wherever they can, then fly around until they run out of gas, so they pull into another service
      station (think blood donor) unaware that they're under surveillance until "splat" - end of story.

    • Let's Be Clear.
      Let's face the fact that this gusher is going to go on gushing every second of every day for
      months to come.
      BP and the government are batting 100 per cent failure when it comes to stopping it.

    • +

    • Having been brought up to expect someone
      else to be responsible for fixing problems in our lives (or to be blamed for them) we are not in
      the habit of trusting our own judgment. It's easier to run with the pack and think like the herd
      than it is to distance ourselves from their collective finger pointing, bleating, and subservience
      to authority.
      It's easier to wait till the last minute - despite all the warnings that a hurricane is coming (for
      example) - and expect God to pluck us off the roof in a helicopter or send us a Zodiac dinghy
      and take us to a shelter somewhere until the danger is over.

    • Those who shook themselves awake ahead of the hurricane had their lives thoroughly
      disrupted for sure. But they were most certainly a lot better off than those who chose to ignore
      the first rescue device God ever gave them - the ability to think and act for themselves.
      Even so, those who can think but don't act, are no better off than those who can't think at all.
      So what is there to think about?
      Information is Key One
      How We Deal With It Is Key Two
      Many messengers throughout history have been hung drawn and quartered, even crucified or
      burned at the stake because their messages were upsetting.

    • Scenario One
      No End In Sight
      The oil and the over-amillion
      gallons of
      dispersants that have
      been released, are not
      going to stop traveling
      any time soon.
      We know that it's
      impossible to stop this
      stuff from getting into the
      Loop Current in the Gulf,
      then finding its way
      wherever those currents
      lead. Cuba for example.
      The Caribbean? And up
      the US East Coast via
      the Gulf Stream, which
      feeds (or is a feeder for)
      the Atlantic Current - which influences the climate in Europe.

    • Is that an over-the-top scenario?
      It's just information - which cannot be refuted or rebutted, and it should not be. It's not a
      scenario worth arguing over. It's a scenario that is a potential.

    • Scenario Two
      Blast Off And Tsunami
      This one is short and bitter.

    • This is allowing the oil to escape into the surrounding strata,
      where it is blasting its way through the cracks and fissures. It's
      as if there's a giant chicken down there trying to bust out of an
      egg, and the shell is cracking in all directions.
      This could first of all release methane gas which has the
      property of altering the buoyancy of water. In that event, boats
      of all sizes would find themselves - and their crews - literally
      disappearing into the deep. Instantly.
      Eventually, as the cracking continues in the sea bed, without
      warning it could be weakened to such a degree that the gas and oil trapped in that Everestsized
      cavity will explode with such force that there are no words to describe it. We could
      however say that the Hiroshima atomic bomb would be like a firecracker in comparison.

    • Scenario Three
      Storms - Hurricanes - Acid Rain
      It is inevitable that storms and hurricanes will add to the devastation.

    • Orange Beach Gulf Shores   Flyover

    • Scenario 3a: Oily water = No Drinking Water.
      Desalination plants that provide city water are going to have to be shut down.
      They rely on filters down to the nano level - but oil will clog them as soon as it finds them.
      Likewise, nuclear power plants that cool themselves with sea water, are going to go off line as
      It's all very well for state governments to suggest that people drink bottled water instead, but
      how long will supplies last?

    • +

    • Killer Earthquake/s - New Madrid Fault
      In this scenario, the gusher relieves enough pressure on surrounding
      rocks and tectonic plates that there is a sudden massive earthquake
      affecting the New Madrid Fault. This in turn collapses the cavity and
      stops the gusher. That's the good news.

    • Orange Beach Oil Washing In

    • That was written 26 years ago. Coincidentally, or not, another study commissioned by FEMA
      was released this week. "A study commissioned by (FEMA) indicates that a major earthquake
      on the New Madrid fault would kill 3,500 people and leave millions homeless. It found that
      more than 80,000 people would be injured by a 7.7-magnitude quake...."

    • Really Thick

    • How does this tie in to the Gulf
      of Mexico?
      It does so via the work of a
      retired geologist-geophysicist,
      Jack M. Reed.
      "(He) studied the Gulf and the
      New Madrid Fault for something
      like 40 years (and) believes the
      origin of the earthquakes lies
      beneath the Gulf of Mexico.
      "(He also) says the accepted
      theory of a quiet geologic
      evolution of the Gulf of Mexico
      Basin is fundamentally flawed
      and needs to be revised."

    • "Other estimates from the report include:
      • 715,000 buildings damaged
      • 7 million people homeless
      • 2.6 million households without power
      • $300 Billion economic impact
      "The two towns most at risk because of their
      proximity to the fault zone are St. Louis, and
      Memphis, though towns in Illinois, Indiana,
      Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama will also see
      damage, according to the report."

    • Scenario Five
      Mass Evacuations
      Under any of the above scenarios, mass evacuations could quite conceivably be
      mandated by the government.

    • Not what you want to see

    • Inevitably, oily rain will ruin as much on land as it has in the ocean.
      Hurricanes will do even worse damage than any of their predecessors.
      The oil will continue to spill, gush, erupt and pollute until

    • Solution - Two Revolutions
      As upsetting as it might be, facing these several previously unthinkable scenarios
      arising from the BP Disaster leads to some life-changing ideas, and on to thoughts of
      the future.

    • The second revolution?
      This is nothing more than supposition. But, suppose those folks in the Gulf states and up the
      East Coast whose lives are going to hell right now, start to question how it all happened.
      Their lives went to hell because politicians took money from corporations and in turn
      turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the way those corporations defied the law.

    • Addendum:
      From an article titled "Methane and Martial Law In The Gulf of Mexico,"

    • Ed. Note:- Such articles can be written off as "alarmist" if you choose. Or else they can be
      seen as additional information - of the sort you will never see in the Mainspin Media.
      However you look at it, the truth is that there are people who in their insatiable greed and love
      of power and profit are literally destroying our planet.

    • Bottom line - evaluate all information for yourself. Trust your own instincts. Decide what to do
      that is best for you - prudent, sensible, even if very difficult decisions must be made. It is your
      life, and other people will only offer very predictable opinions, usually contrary to what you
      feel in yourself is what you should do.

    • Again take the time and look into more details of this post by clicking on the link.
      We can sit back do nothing and just let Higher officials who think they know it all take over and continue destroying our planet and blame us for it.
      Ooops did I say that? YES I DID!
      Or we can wake up to the reality of it all take a good look at our own history and those who took so much time to write out what they saw and knew would happen if everyone just let their Governments just do as they please.
      The scenario's above are not that far fetched. If anyone today has actually ever taken anytime at all to sit down and read the Bible. A lot of this fits exactly to what God said would happen.
      See people tend to live in fear of the Bible for some reason. The Reality of it all though is the hope that comes with the end of all this.
      Peace in Christ and in the entire world for the very first time in history.
      If you don't know Christ. I'm sure all this really scares the heck out of you.
      For those of us that do? We know it's finally time to see ALL Evil destroyed on this planet. And we get to finally all have true peace in God.
      His promises stand true. Always has and always will.
      Maybe it's time to make a choice? But like the article says. It's your free will.

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