Saturday, July 24, 2010

National Identity Cards to displace Citizenship Certificates

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More coming out world wide on the RFID tracker Identification Card. As people World Wide are being told they must do this and receive their chip cards. I see how it all goes into a computer system that relies on Energy to run? Let alone the hacker capabilities to this very system leave some major questions in my mind. I mean really are all the Governments running this world actually this stupid? Really?

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The government is preparing to distribute National Identity Cards (NIC) with all official information of an individual stored digitally instead of the Citizenship Certificates, Nagarik daily reported.
The government has established a NIC Management Centre and deployed 26 employees to work on it this week.
The centre has said, it has already prepared the draft of NIC Act, worked out the structure card and the concept for its use.
The National Id card will be distributed to individuals of 16 years of age, first and then gradually be distributed to children in the second phase.
The card will have an individual’s personal information including name, date of birth, gender, place of birth, permanent address, current address, names of parents, name of spouse, fingerprint, signature, and photograph, among others.
Nepalese staying abroad will also get such identity cards
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