Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hundreds Of People Locked In Greece!

Seeing something like this happening anywhere. Just lets you wonder. If this happened in the U.S.? Just goes to show. Governments don't know it all.
Greece seems to be having a lot of problems lately.
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Tourists can not get back from Greece because of the general strike in this country, petrol pumps do not work! Smugglers “black” fuel sold at prices of up to 5 euro for a liter of gasoline?
Chains and padlocks ... For stations in Greece
At least 300,000 people blocked in Greece due to strike the carrier, which was left without gas pumps, and disabled visitors to fill tanks and return to their homes or travel around the country. Some stores are selling petrol on the black, in the bottle, the astronomical price of five euros per liter (in fact one liter of petrol in Greece costs. from 1.25 to 1, 40 euros).
Tank driver, strike takes six days and threatening to paralyze the whole of Greece. They are protesting because the government has proposed the liberalization of licensing for transport, because the IMF and European financial institutions caused by a loan of 110 billion euros. After yesterday’s negotiations, the trucker is reported that the agreement was not reached and the strike continues.
greece 2 Dramatic: Hundreds Of People Locked In Greece!
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