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CNN Hosts Channel Chavez: Advocates Regulating Bloggers

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When I first saw this video. I actually could not believe what I was hearing. He is mentioning Iran, and Venezuela, like they need to have free internet, But America needs to be Regulated? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?
First and foremost I can see why CNN is loosing so many viewer today. Its because they keep on and keep on talking Smack like this Video.
Second. In order for people to know the truth it must be allowed to be told. If anyone actually thinks that CNN is the only source of true news. You may really want to dig more into the stories they cover.

See people today have had enough of seeing what happens to the latest star, what they got in trouble for. Its a side tracker story to keep more people side tracked from the truth.

Bloggers in many ways may or may not have right information in many cases. They should be supplying links to everything they are posting on. The more links to look it all up for yourself the better. Otherwise it's just another story.
Hmm? Let's see. Does CNN do this. Naaaah only to their own news articles. Who cares what others have to say about it right? Wrong.

Most good Bloggers out there are out there digging into the truth showing when and where they got this information. Talking about what they feel about it. Government, Politics, important bills and regulations passing that nobody seems to have a clue about cause most Media coverage seems to skip that part or play a 10 second video and them moves on to how Linsey Lohan cried in court.

See the Media and Journalists used to express their Freedom Of Speech, Fought day and night to make sure the truth was told. To see this on a Major New Channel today?

According to CNN. They feel we need to loose our freedom of speech now.
Don't believe me. Watch this video. Tell me what you think.

Be sure to check out all the article from the clipped page below the video. He has some very interesting and true statements on all this.

Video can't be embedded for some reason so see the link below to see it.
CNN Hosts Channel Chavez:  Advocates Regulating Bloggers
  If I ignore stories and deny that verifiable events occurred, they’ll find a place that will cover them.  How good you are will eventually be shown by how many viewers (or readers) that you have, and that people come back regularly.  It’s the free market, and it really works
Take a moment to think about the stories that bloggers have covered.  The administration denied them, and the MSM either went along, or ignored them (then, what we predicted is actually happening, and there is still no response from the MSM).  If “gatekeepers controlled the Internet,” in order to avoid these lies or “inflammatory” stories, who would know about them?
  Well, Mark Lloyds bff, Hugo Chavez, has been busily silencing media and Internet activity in Venezuela in exactly the same fashion that out two pinheads are suggesting.  After all, wouldn’t “accountability” mean jailing people for their Twitter posts?  That’s accountability, isn’t it?
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