Thursday, June 3, 2010

UN urges end to CIA drone attacks

This is why a One World Government is not only a very bad idea, but extremely worse for countries to own their own land. Free from other countries dictatorships.

Is it OK that the drone hurt innocent people? NO, War is not pretty no matter how anyone looks at it.
What they really want here is our soldiers to die.

You know they should have thought about all this before they attacked America and continue to do so.
Hmmm? There's a thought for you.

A United Nations human rights official has called for the US to end the CIA's control over a programme of drone attacks that has killed hundreds of people in northwest Pakistan.

Philip Alston, the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, issued a report on Wednesday which concluded that the US spy agency does not provide enough transparency or accountability for the programme.

Alston praised a recent military investigation that blamed human error for the death of 23 civilians in a drone attack in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province in February.

'Playstation mentality'

Alston also said that CIA agents could be prosecuted for carrying out drone attacks, because - unlike military personnel - they do not have immunity for their actions.

"CIA personnel could be prosecuted for murder under the domestic law of any country in which they conduct targeted killings, and could also be prosecuted for violations of applicable US law," Alston wrote.

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