Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Right Or Left? Where do you Stand?

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  • I have found that many people just don't seem to know what they believe. They say I am Right of Left, The seem to think they know what socialism is. But when I listen to what the believe it seems what I am hearing they don't quite understand what they are saying.
    Again I hear others that say I am neutral. I'm not right or left.
    Watch this. You believe in something not just for yourself but for your kids and there kids as well.
    Let me know where you stand in this graph shown in the video.
    These are things you should know about before you go out and vote.

  • The American Form of Government.

    It's a Republic and not a Democracy like the people have been taught for the last 40 years. Multiculturalism and Socialism is bringing this Great Country to it's knees.

    What so many don't seem to realize about our Country and our Constitutional Rights. The difference between Governments running everything or the People running it is the the difference of freedom.
    Freedom is not Government run. Know your right sand why they are there. Stand up for your Freedom and the Constitution. This is what makes our Country America great. Without it? We are just like everyone else.

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