Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama’s New World Order

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Not sure why this president is so hell bent on Global Control and Enforcement. So much so that he can't even concentrate on the major problems of the Only Country hes is supposed to be running.
Global Government. New World Order, and trying to get The U.S. to be under UN's laws. I just don't get it.

To better understand this article you may want to take the time and read through it all at the link below. New World Order is no Joke. Plus, it's meant to take away all Rights we have as a Nation and our Constitutional laws.
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President Obama released his blueprint last week for pursuing a new world order that offers no compelling vision to guide the ship of state. Rather it dangerously shifts our military’s focus from counterterrorism to nation building and subordinates aspects of our foreign policy to international organizations like the United Nations. 

Obama’s assessment of the current strategic environment is bleak. “We live in a time of sweeping change where events far beyond our shores impact the safety, security, and prosperity of Americans,” Obama writes.

Obama’s nation building plan is a whole of government effort. He intends to assemble a civilian expeditionary capacity to join the military in nation building as we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Obama’s plan is to fight the last war over again—terrorism and insurgencies—an option the American people should reject.
The UN has proven to be a corrupt anti-Western arena for the world’s malcontents to waste our money on radical and inefficient programs.
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