Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Labour finally gives up on ID cards

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You Would think that Americans would get this and stand up as well.
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Labour has decided to back down in its fight to introduce ID cards after years of campaigning for their introduction.

The surprise move came this afternoon, during the second reading of the identity documents bill, which would repeal both ID cards and the national identity register.

"We accept the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have mandate to abandon this measure," shadow home secretary Alan Johnson conceded.

But ID cards will remain for foreign nationals coming to the UK, as will the National Biometric Identity Service (NBIS), which retains the biometric details of non-EU migrants living in the UK.

"This isn't just about saving money," Ms May said.

"It is un-British. We are a freedom loving people. It's a discomfort born of a very British revulsion of over-intrusive government. I pay tribute to all those who campaigned so hard against the introduction of ID cards."

The government is moving quickly to end the ID scheme
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