Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Japan Urged to Open Nuclear Trade With India

Here we have Obama telling us that we are cutting Nuclear Technology. Then, on the other hand we see an entire different story.

France and the United States are encouraging Japan to establish a civilian nuclear trade pact with India that would enable Western firms to sell atomic technology containing Japanese components to the South Asian state, Reuters reported yesterday (see GSN, May 28).

French nuclear firm Areva and a U.S. group led by General Electric Co. have agreed to sell nuclear reactors to New Delhi, but Japanese parts are considered necessary for the efforts
New Delhi holds a nuclear arsenal outside the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

Australia, another member of the nuclear export group, has also refused to provide India with uranium for its atomic energy operations (see GSN, June 8).

Consideration of a potential nuclear trade arrangement could challenge the new administration of Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan
Russian atomic energy chief Sergei Kiriyenko said his country would provide India with new nuclear fuel enrichment and reprocessing systems for civilian use
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