Friday, June 18, 2010

Boy Not Allowed to Wear Patriotic Hat at School Because of Zero Tolerance

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A Rhode Island mother says her 8-year-old son's school would not let him wear a patriotic hat she says he designed for a project to honor Army troops because the school thought it was  inappropriate.
Christan Morales says her son David was assigned to make a crazy hat for his second grade class at the Tiogue School in Coventry, R.I. Morales said her son came up with an idea to glue small plastic Army figures to a camouflage hat with an American flag.
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I am starting to wonder if the majority of American school systems are beyond the hope of common sense. I wrote an article here about a school banning braclets , here about a boy facing criminal charges over a stick figure drawing, and here about a teacher being fired for premarital sex.
Imagine the parents’ shock when they get a call from the principle saying the hat wasn’t appropriate. Apparently, the school found the hat inappropriate because the little plastic figures were holding guns.
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