Friday, June 4, 2010

Australia reveals possibility of federal employee biometric program

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As The World tends to fall asleep more and more each day on this very subject. I see the most of the world just loves to let other control their lives and take away every inch of freedom they have left.
I find biometric Id. Or in other words RFID becoming more and more dangerous than anything else.
This not only takes all your information and places it into a central computer system.
But, it is opening the doors for more hackers to get all your information.
Anyone that knows just a little bit about computers. Will see the consequence's here.

Being that everything here will be so easily hacked into. It will open up yet more doors for the central Verichip implants. This way your card cannot be stolen.
Though some may enjoy what benefits this new systems may brings. The warning flags should be raised in everyone's minds here.
Being the news don't talk much on this. People run around in their daily lives thinking nothing about it.

May questions is. Is everyone on this planet ready to be tracked everywhere and everything that they do in life? Is so what are they going to do when they turn off your chip? No buying or Selling allowed.
Sound familiar?

A senior national security official for Australia’s Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) has revealed the possibility of expanding Centrelink’s internal smart card program to include all federal employees as well as adding biometrics to the program, according to an MIS Australia article.

Some of the biometric modes being considered for inclusion in the potential program include facial recognition, fingerprints and iris recognition.

One of the driving forces behind the change is the potential to save money on federal employees moving between agencies currently needing to be reissued the new identity documentation that is unique to each department.

While that may not seem too common, PM&C Secretary Terry Moran recently announced at the Biometrics Institute’s 11th Australian conference a national push for more movement of employees between departments to better equip the government to respond to the needs of the citizens.

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