Monday, May 3, 2010

Nashville’s Underwater – Obama’s Focused on the Gulf

I-24, west of Bell Road
With 11 people now confirmed dead falling victim to the worst flooding to Nashville in over a century, day breaks on the Music City only to illustrate the devastation left behind by a weekend of torrential downpours and unprecedented flooding.
Relief boats and rescue personnel are coming in the form of local citizens.  Absent from the footage is any sign of FEMA or any logos or monikers of federal agencies.   Tennesseans are strapping it on and making the best of an extremely difficult situation.  They don’t call this the Volunteer State for nothing now do they?
The morning’s images were that of rescue personnel transporting stranded patrons of local hotels across the newly created bodies of water.  They were of parking lots completely submerged with cars now lining the bottom of the muddy pools.
I am deeply saddened and tremendously troubled by how little this tragedy has been carried by the national media.
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