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A Look At National ID Card Programs

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As most of you know, I like to look at all sides not just one or the other.
I saw this video today from the Reality Report, about the Immigration law. So I decided to look into it.

So I looked at the law itself. Could this be true?
Here it is.

The only thing I could actually find remotely directing to Real ID or Pass ID. Was the E Verify program in this bill. Though I'm not a big fan of it myself. Many glitches and still being used illegally.

So I took a deep look into this. Just because I like to know more. I ran across this article.

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At the heart of the Arizona immigration law is a requirement to show that you're here legally. For the past decade, Washington has been wrestling with a couple of ideas about how to verify that. One was Real ID; another was E-Verify. Robert Siegel talks to Chris Strohm, national security reporter for Congress Daily, to check on where those programs stand now.

At the heart of the Arizona immigration law is a requirement to show that you're here legally. And for the entire decade, Washington has been wrestling with a couple of big ideas about verifying who we are and whether we belong here.

One of those ideas was Real ID that was supposed to guarantee that a driver's license or a state ID card from the DMV
The other big idea was E-Verify that was supposed to let employers search government databases for information on perspective hires.
Congress is moving another piece of legislation that is called the Pass ID, which is a watered down version of Real ID.
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One of the statements here caught my attention.

Mr. STROHM: Yes, it's interesting. When the study came out, it found that illegal immigrants were able to go through E-Verify, the system that's supposed to confirm that somebody is in the country legally. And so the Homeland Security Department, you know, has been saying that they've been making changes to the E-Verify program. Currently, about 200,000 employers in the U.S. use the system. So there's a long way to go before the system can be fully functional to verify all workers in the country.

SIEGEL: Then there's a proposal from New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer and others to have a Social Security card with biometrics that would amount to, I gather, a national ID card.

A National ID working with the E Verify that is yet still hacked?
The question I have here is the motives. I strongly agree with the new law passing. But I do feel we should also be aware to not be taken as fools here in the process.

As many of you know I put up an Article awhile back about the RFID Chip being a part of our Social Security Cards. Yet another bad idea.

I posted this here.

Ready for Your Biometric Social Security Card?

Is it possible that AZ might be involved with trying to establish a National ID? We all know E Verify won't do it much longer. What is the next choice?

So far it's the only thing I see about the bill that isn't Constitutional. But, just so you can keep updated more on The Bio Metrics and National ID's Be sure to read through all of these links as well.

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Stay Awake, Lets all work together to make sure we Keep our Freedom and our Constitution.

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