Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jim Woolsey: Nuclear Iran 'Extremely' Likely

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The likelihood that Iran will have a nuclear weapon in a year or less is “extremely high,” former Central Intelligence Director James R. Woolsey tells Newsmax.

“I don’t think Iran has had much interest in anything except a nuclear weapon with their nuclear program,” Woolsey says. “Most of the estimates I’m hearing and was hearing last winter in Israel talk about sometime late this year, early next, for the possibility of a relatively primitive nuclear weapon.”

Such a weapon could be a “so-called shotgun design, which is very easy to do once you have the highly enriched uranium,” Woolsey notes. It could be “something that could be detonated up in the northern desert of Iran and have a mushroom cloud and radioactivity, and everyone would say they're now a nuclear power.”

That sort of weapon could be less than a year away, Woolsey says.
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