Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BREAKING - Piranhas loose in Opry Mills

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In a story filed by Teresa Weakley for the ABC affiliate, WRKN, in Nashville, Metro Nashville police say the fish tank at the Aquarium restaurant burst during the flooding and the marine life escaped.

Floodwaters inundate mega shopping complex Opry Mills in Nashville.

The fish are mostly saltwater species and did not survive the 'freshwater' flooding.

Apparently, however, one species did and it is the piranha. It can survive in freshwater. So, if you're on cleanup detail at Opry Mills, where water is neck deep in places, watch out for one mean fish. 


NewsChannel 5's Sky5 HD Video of Opryland/Opry Mills area

Another video from Sky5 HD of Opry Mills area 

Amateur Video from Briley Parkway/Opryland

Another of Opry Mills (sound quality issues) from TN Flight Medic

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