Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surprise: 100 U.S. nukes based in Istanbul with double-key security system

ANKARA — The United States was said to be maintaining a nuclear
arsenal in a Turkish city.

"One of the keys is in the United States and the other in the host
country, in this case Turkey," Baytok said on April 5. "During war time
these weapons are fired with this double-key system."

Turkey was said to harbor up to 100 U.S. nuclear weapons as
part of NATO. But the warheads were long believed to have been based at
the Turkish air base at Incirlik rather than Istanbul, the largest city in

Baytok said some of the tactical weapons were located in Istanbul while
others were in cities near the Black Sea. He defined tactical weapons as
those designed to strike former Warsaw Pact states in Europe.

Neither Turkey nor the United States responded to Baytok's assertion. In
1972, he said, Ankara issued its only decision regarding the U.S. nuclear
weapons arsenal.

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