Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Summit School System: ‘Fingerprint’ scanners streamline bookkeeping, lunch lines

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Get them used to it while they are young. These people are Evil.
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New technology is being used in the Summit Public Schools school cafeterias to streamline bookkeeping and to move students more efficiently through the “lunch line.”
Cafeteria service in the Summit Public Schools is contracted to Pomptonian Food Services, which manages the cafeterias in Summit.

At the high school, students swipe their student ID cards at the cafeteria’s cashier stations. The status of the students’ pre-paid cafeteria account is then accessible to the cashiers. At the middle school, students enter an assigned PIN number. Parents can pre-pay for and manage their children’s’ cafeteria accounts through their home computers.

Biometric scanning devices, which read pre-scanned “algorithms” of a student’s finger tip, are being used at the elementary schools. This is allows programming of a detailed sequence of actions to perform or accomplish the recognition task for identification of the student.

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