Thursday, April 8, 2010

Christian Students Claim Calif. Law School Discriminated Against Group When It Denied Student Funding

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( – The U.S. Supreme Court later this month will hear what both sides agree will be one of the most important religious freedom cases to come before the court in years.

The case centers on a Christian Legal Society affiliate that was denied certification by a public university law school because the law students’ group requires its members to share core religious beliefs.

Advocates for the Christian law students said the law school engaged in what amounts to viewpoint discrimination against the student group.
At issue: in order to become a core member or a leader within CLS, members had to profess the particular views of the group -- including a pledge of intent to limit sex to the confines of traditional marriage.

Discrimination on the basis of religion is a violation of federal anti-discrimination law.
“No one else (was) thrown out, only those who believe in traditional views of marriage, so it’s not a disparate impact, it’s the only application of the policy.”
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