Tuesday, March 9, 2010

German Islamic fanatics jailed for planning 'second September 11'

clipped from www.telegraph.co.uk

Four Muslim fanatics dreamed of "mounting a second September 11"
with a series of bomb attacks on a US military base in Germany as well as
nightclubs and restaurants used by American servicemen.

Daniel Schneider, Fritz Gelowicz, Adem Yilmaz and Atilla Selek: German Islamic fanatics jailed for planning 'second September 11'

The gang, two of whom were German-born but converted to Islam, plotted to
detonate explosives 100 times more powerful than those used in the attacks
on the London Underground in July 2005, in a "monstrous bloodbath",
a court heard.

Had the plot not been foiled the gang, a cell of a terrorist group linked to
al-Qaeda, would have killed 150 soldiers, along with women and children in a "mass
unrivalled in Germany."

Judge Ottmar Breidling said the case: "has shown with frightening clarity
what acts young people who are filled with hatred, blinded and seduced by
wrong-headed ideas of jihad are prepared and able to carry out."

"Never before had there been a terror attack of that dimension in
Germany," he said. "You were blinded by a strange, hate-filled
notion of jihad
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