Friday, March 19, 2010

CIA director says Al Qaeda on the run as a leader killed in US drone strike

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As CIA Director Leon Panetta said recent attacks have crippled Al Qaeda and its leadership, officials announced that a drone attack killed an Al Qaeda member involved in the December attack on a CIA base in Afghanistan.

US intelligence officials said that an Al Qaeda member involved in the attack on a CIA base in Afghanistan in December was killed in an airstrike last week.

The US had stepped up drone strikes in Pakistan after the attack on the CIA base, and some intelligence officials had promised to exact vengeance on the planners, reports the Los Angeles Times, which says they appeared “elated” upon confirming Yemeni’s death.

Drone strikes, which have increased during the Obama administration, have incited anger from Pakistan’s public because of the civilian casualties they cause.
Osama bin Laden is "rarely seen, rarely heard," the official said, and that is "troubling" to those who see him as their leader.
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